Art by CQAFA Members

Sonia Martin Brown


Warehouse Windows
White Coneflowers
Signature Daisy

Harold Connelly


Little Miami Rapids
Glendale Gardens
Silver Comet Trail

Cris Fee

I grew up loving to sew & draw.  After attending the first Paducah KY AQS show in 1985 I discovered I could combine drawing and fiber.  My current work uses paint/fabric and thread to depict realist portraits of people and animals.  My work has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

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As I See Me
After Thought
That Mysterious Blue

Nancy Gamon


 I am most interested in artwork that shares a personal narrative and explores the commonality of our human experiences. When I risk being vulnerable, I open myself to meaningful connections.

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Upon Waking

Marilyn Hogue



Carrye Lou Kearns

Carrye Kearns
Carrye Kearns
Carrye Kearns

Carol Lang


I often work in series, using materials on a small scale to see where they’ll lead.  Sometimes these pieces become part of a larger quilt, or they might stand on their own.  Working in series allows me the freedom to make mistakes and I enjoy watching each piece improve and become more focused.

A World Divided
Warren County, Ohio
Connections II

Sally Lloyd


As I create abstract designs I experiment with color, pattern and shape on the design wall, and plan the entire piece before sewing anything together.  Inspiration comes from the interplay of patterns and color, and concepts such as flow, synchronicity, and (dis)harmony.

Prismatic Spring
Unchained Melody

Priscilla Mrozek

History: Discovered how much I loved to sew when I joined the 4-H club as a teenager. I continued all kinds of 
sewing projects throughout my life. Recently I became fascinated with fiber arts and decided to join CQAFA.

Process: I form a plan on paper, make  pattern pieces, and formulate a color plan.

Inspiration: Contemporary Art

Blue Sea
Mountain Village
Midnight Sonata

Sue Paas


Flower Challenge

Carole Price


Sounds of Woods
Love Many Things
Lotus Pods

Robbie Porter

What I find most exciting about Fiber Art

is the variety of ways

cloth and fibers can be assembled

and how beautifully this art form

accepts surface embellishments.


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Winter is a Wonder
Daisy Field Exploration
The Garden of Lacy Delights

Judy Shaffer


After retirement, and inspired by the fiber medium, I bought a sewing machine and climbed onto a brand new learning curve.

Coming from a background of science I find comfort in Clarity. 

I create by virtue of the safety of nature, through the focus of my camera while implementing a dominant process of free motion stitching.

I am a thread painter.

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St. Kitts

Jenni Stanley


Oslo Summer
Spring Whimsy
Nanas Drawer

Carole Gary Staples

Carole Gary Staples
Carole Gary Staples
Carole Gary Staples

Barbara Stewart

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Sing a Song 2
life at 62
Dimension Earth

Helen Stringer



Smell the Roses
Violet Bird

Lynn Ticotsky


Artist since age 4 when I received my first box of colored pencils. MFA Painting RISD, closet fiber artist for years. ART QUILT commitment since 1993.

Technique/Process: Completely plan out on paper first, both design and color, and then transfer to fabric.

Inspiration:  Geometric forms; everything from nature; memories.

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Sentimental Journey
A Carpet of Leaves
Lynn Ticotsky

Betsy Terrill


 I draw, cut and stitch my way creatively, sometimes adding paint and other embellishment.  I use both literal and abstracted views to share my impressions of life. I sometimes say I create for my own amazement and amusement, but it is more than that; I enjoy sharing my visual thoughts with others.  I am happiest when I am creating.

Twilight Suns
Autumn of My Life

Dionn Tron


Amish quilts were my inspiration to view fabric as art. The vibrant colors and sparkle mesmerized me.  As I tried to emulate the magic of those quilts, I found working with fabric and color relaxing and soothing.  Working with various artists is helping me become more improvisational as I find my way as an artist.

Curves 2

Nancy Williams


Copper Woods
Who's Who
Biker Chicks

Cheryl Connelly


The Storefront Window
Taking Flight