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The Artist's Eye:
Understanding Design Through Abstract Art
with Lyric Montgomery Kinard

May 15, 2023. 9-12 am Eastern.  Online
May 15-17.  Online instruction and feedback
May 18. Online (at your home, or meet at Kramers)

Cost:  $70 for CQAFA Members ($65 if register before Feb. 28)
$75 for non-members
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The Elements and Principles of Art

Every single work of art you see is a composition of various elements - texture, shape, line, color and value - arranged according to principles - balance, unity and focal point to name just a few. Whether you think about them consciously or design intuitively, these are your tools. Using them with intention will help you create work you love, help you discover what is and isn’t working in each piece you create, and help you find you vision and hone your creative voice.


In the first day of this course we will use simple abstract design exercises to learn about each element. Doodles will be scribbled, eyes and minds will be opened, and fun will be had. Lyric will gently guide you through concrete exercises designed to help you create ideas for original abstract quilts.


Once you have the basics, concepts will be reinforced with access to a private online course. You will have the opportunity to create studies (in any medium) from your earlier exercises, and get valuable feedback from Lyric. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings she will answer any questions and comment on all work posted in the online space.


Thursday the group will have the opportunity to attend a live zoom either together at Kramers or at home as we work through a critique and analysis session. In this structured, emotionally safe format, we will learn to see each element in the artwork and describe how it is functioning in the artwork. Students will have the opportunity to submit their own work for evaluation.

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