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Guidelines for Submitting Work to
The Barn Show June 20-30, 2024


The Barn Show is a great opportunity for all CQAFA members to show, sell and see member art works.  All types of fiber art are welcome, and every effort will be made to show as much work as possible in the available space.


     Entry Fee:  $10

     Credit Card Fee:  2.6% of sale price, + $1

     Commission:  20% of sale price goes to The Barn, paid directly by the artist.  

Key Dates:

May 12: Inventory forms are due to both and - links to "member handout" and "inventory instructions" are below.  This step is important as it gives us sufficient time to prepare all of the signs that will accompany your work in the show.  ​


May 10:  Sign up to work the show!  Please help with setup, sitting the show, teardown, and distribution of postcards.

May 10:  Bring your artwork to the CQAFA meeting, with attached inventory tag.  Be sure to bring a hanging rod (or if your work is 3D, a display stand), and a copy of your inventory.  Be sure to label the artwork, hanging rod, and packing materials.  

June 23:  Attend the Artist Reception, 2-4 pm.

June 30:  Pick up unsold artwork at end of the show, 4-5 pm.

Inventory Form

Instructions for Inventory Form

Member Handout



Preparing Your Work for a Show

Hanging Sleeves

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