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Guidelines for The Nature Center Show, 2022

Key Dates:

September 30:  Inventory forms are due to Jennifer Graham.  Please send in sooner if you can!  Please be sure to list your items for the Show, for the President's Challenge, and for the Boutique.  This step is important as it gives us sufficient time to prepare all of the signs that will accompany your work in the show.  Click the link below to access the form and instructions.  Please send your electronic copy of the inventory to Nan Hatch at

October 10:  Submit your items for the Show, Challenge and Boutique during the CQAFA meeting.  Please bring 3 copies of your inventory form with you.

Show Information:

All CQAFA members are strongly encouraged to exhibit their art at this show.  The Nature Center prefers nature as the subject but also accepts other themes as well. Exhibits can be an older fiber art piece, but must never have been displayed in the past at the Nature Center.  You may display as many fiber art pieces as you wish. (Note that we will be able to display 1 large quilt in the back of the room which can or cannot be for sale.)  Pieces may be submitted even if you are unable to attend. 


Members who have an art piece in the Nature Center Show may also put items for sale into the Boutique.  Note that the Nature Center commission on these works will be 30%.  Your boutique items should reflect your artistic style; they can be totally different from the work you are showing.  Prices must be under $115.  Please note that all artists selling in the boutique must volunteer to be at the boutique during the show.  Contact Lynn Ticotsky to sign up for your volunteer time.

Please Volunteer to Help!!

All Members of CQAFA are asked to sign up as volunteers for the Nature Center show.  There are many ways to volunteer, including set up, take down, and staffing the show all three days (front desk, white glove, demonstrations), as well as help in distributing publicity postcards and posters.  Contact Lynn Ticotsky to sign up to help with staffing the show.  And postcards/posters will be distributed at the September CQAFA meeting - we'll need help in getting them to venues all over town.

Links to Forms (click on each item):

          Inventory Form 

          Instructions for Inventory Form

          Presidents' Challenge

How to Run the CNC Show

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